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Company Registration

We help entrepreneurs to register and grow their company as a legal entity. It is an initial step in the business life cycle of a company, choosing the right business structure is essential to manage the business efficiently and to achieve business goals. We provide services like registrations of Private limited, Limited liability Partnership, OPS Registration, Partnership Firm and Proprietorship. Private Limited company suits better for any startup or business that is looking out for external funds. Investors will always prefer a recognized and legal business structure and will be more comfortable investing in such companies. A registered company is a unique & separate legal entity. It enables fast and easy incorporation, and also builds and goodwill in the market. Our team will help you save time and financial resources, as well as eliminate possible risks that might occur if the procedures are not done accordingly.

Bookkeeping Services

We provide the best-in-class bookkeeping services for all kinds of industries globally. Our professionals are well versed in handling various bookkeeping software as per the industry needs and gained immense experience assessing the records of various industries over several years. We ensure an error-free and secure course of action from tracing your payable and receivables to keep your financial transactions documented.  Hiring us can make a difference to your companies with our expertise and comprehensive system to manage financial data aiming at maximum accuracy and efficiency. Outsourcing your bookkeeping needs to Agile e-Platform is cost-effective and can eliminate the need for an in-house bookkeeping expert and take advantage of our services no matter where your company is located

Bookkeeping Services | Agile e-Platform
Accounting Services | Agile e-Platform

Accounting Services

Accounting is a vital part of running a business firm of any kind. It’s necessary to manage the revenue and expenses of the business to analyze the overall business financial situation. We focus on the growth of your business by assuring the best quality services. At Agile we help you to handle your business effectively and efficiently. By tackling your need to have a dedicated in-house accounting team you can cut your cost, time, and lack of skilled professionals.  Our experienced accountants look into your business and will give you personalized assistance tailored to your business model, hence it helps your business to manage cash flows, analyze financial health, record keeping, and monitor overall expenses made by your business. We provide real-time insights and access to up-to-date accounting information.

POS Reconciliation

Our POS reconciliation services can benefit retail business owners to cross-check and verify their records. You can detect accounting errors which can create trouble in the future. We compare the transactions between internal records and banks statements to ensure that your financial activities are properly recorded. Checking for human error or payment errors can eliminate the problems that might occur while making a deposit. Our POS management system manages all debit cards, credit cards, and payment transactions and creates a cash-flow status report. Our reliable and efficient system tackles problems like employee theft, unidentified transactions, and payment failures hence providing a faster resolution of mismatched transactions. We simplify the process of paying bills by automating bills to be debit on your account on a set schedule. Our expert team will be at your service round the clock to assist you If you face any troubles.

POS reconciliation Services | Agile e-platform
Tax Preparation Services | Agile e-platform

Tax Preparation

Agile helps you to prepare your taxes efficiently to minimize the tax burden. We proactively manage tax liability by planning and preparing your taxes for corporates and individuals. Our team of reliable financial experts is up-to-date with tax regulations and laws. They gather all the vital tax documents and ensure accurate documentation of tax returns. We address compliance and optimize it to find all tax credits and tax deductions available to your type of business. Our customized tax filing strategy aims to save your money and ensure your tax return is prepared perfectly to minimize future tax liabilities. By outsourcing your taxes to Agile, you avoid hiring a tax professional during busy tax season. Utilizing our accurate and pocket-friendly services can improve profitability significantly.

Payroll Management

Managing the payroll of your hardworking employees is an essential part of running the business. It’s important to keep the employees motivated to run the business efficiently. Payroll management is a continuous process and can be challenging due to the constantly changing federal, state, and local laws. Our experienced accountants are up to date with these ever-changing laws and regulations and help you focus on your business while we manage your payroll regardless of how big your employee population is. We provide accounting software integration and ensure to deliver error-free documentation to avoid penalties or compliance. Our cloud-based payroll management services with a user-friendly interface can be accessed 24/7. Outsourcing the payroll can take off your concern about hiring a payroll management expert as well as acquiring IT infrastructures and let our determined and experienced professionals handle your payroll.

Payroll Management Services | Agile e-Platform
Business Consulting USA | Agile E-platform

Business Consulting

Managing a business is not an easy process. Business owners face numerous challenges every day to keep up with current market dynamics and competition. Our business consulting service offers to address a company’s end-to-end business needs. We help to transform your business ideas up and running along with finding solutions for challenges faced by the established business organizations. We provide services to guide your business with our exceptional knowledge and insights to address these challenges. Our personalized consulting services will analyze your current challenge, Help you evaluate your causes and operations, and guide you to take care of your challenges. We advise organizational and structural changes within your business by developing a detailed business plan and implementing it. Our experienced consultants will guide you to transform your business to compete in constantly changing business environments

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