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Planning to start a business in the USA? You’re at the right place. Starting a business in the USA is a simple process even if you are a non-resident. We take care of the registration process for you as you work on your business plans. We provide end-to-end assistance for entrepreneurs who are looking forward to launching a business in the USA. We guide you through each stage of the company registration and provide support even after your company is up and running. Get in touch with us now to know more about our company registrations services.

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Benefits of Starting a Company in the USA

Owning a business in the US comes with its perks. It is a great opportunity for new businesses to be a part of a global economy and registering your company is the first step to get there. Registering your Company in states like Delaware and Wyoming will benefit you as the company registration laws and regulations are regularized and the taxation rates are much lower. They also provide relaxation to investors and venture capitals which helps you raise funds. Your company will be registered as a legal entity hence it bears its own liabilities and handles its legal proceedings. These are some of the benefits of registering a company in the USA

  • Relaxed laws and regulations
  • Lower taxation charges
  • Minimal personal liability
  • Great start-up ecosystem
  • Quality human resources
  • Simple and cost-effective incorporation
  • Limited liability


usa company registration

Choose your Business Structure

Choosing the right business structure that suits your operation is an important step. It influences the day-to-day operations, taxes you need to pay, the ability to raise funds, and your personal liability. You should carefully choose the right business structure for registering your company by considering what benefits your business the best. Common business structures in the USA include Limited Liability Company (LLP), S corp, C corp, and Non-profit corporation.

LLC Share features of both corporation and partnership business entities. Under LLC your assets won’t be at risk in case you face bankruptcy or get sued as it protects you from personal liabilities. The profit of an LLC is passed through the personal income of the members. The members are considered self-employed and subjected to pay self-employment taxes and not corporate taxes. LLCs are best suited for business with higher risks because it protects the owner’s personal assets and those businesses who want to pay fewer taxes than they should pay as a corporation.

C corp is a separate legal entity. It is the most commonly adopted business structure across the US. C Corp provides the strongest protection to the stakeholders from personal liabilities. It also costs more to form a corporation than any other business structure. There are no restrictions on the maximum number of stakeholders. They can raise the funds by selling their shares, which can also attract employees. C corps will be taxed as a corporation. Sometimes the profit from C corp is taxed twice, from the company profit and again from the personal tax returns of the stakeholders after the dividends are paid. The compliance procedure for the C corp is more complex than other entities. It is best suited for companies who are seeking investments from angel investors and venture capitals and go public or eventually be sold.

S Corp is the business structure that is designed to avoid the double taxation that might happen in C corp. S corp can have multiple stakeholders but not more than 100 but all the stakeholders must be US citizens. Hence only people who are US citizens are eligible for S corp and citizens of foreign counties can’t. Under S corp only corporate taxes are paid by the corporation, not by the stakeholders. Taxation of S corp varies from state to state as per the state rules and regulations.

Nonprofit corporation mostly includes organizations that do charity, education, religious or scientific work. Nonprofits can have tax exemption benefits as their work benefits the public. They don’t have to pay state or federal taxes for the profit their make like other business structures. But they need to follow some federal rules and regulations about what they do with the profit they make.

NOTE: Non-residents can only register their business as LLC or C corp

Requirements to register an LLC or C Corp

  • Select a business entity

The first step of company registration is selecting the right business entity which is suited for your company. As a US resident, you can register your company as LLC, S corp, C corp, Non-profit, etc. The non-residents can only set up their business as LLC or C corp

  • Select a state 

Choose the location for registering your business according to the demographics of your company. The laws and regulations regarding company registration vary from state to state. Most start-ups choose states like Delaware due to the relaxation in registration rules and regulations. The company should research the local competition and market conditions of the state, property costs, labor costs, etc.

  • Business name

Pick a company name that is unique and defines your company. The selected name should not match any pre-existing companies. We will do a name availability search for you and the certified agent will apply for a name approval application.

  • Hire a registered agent

Only a registered agent can apply for the registration process for your company. This agent. This agent collects all the required documents and submits them to the state authority. He is responsible for receiving all the official, legal, and state documents on behalf of you and forwarding those documents to you. We can provide a registered agent from any state as per your requirement.

  • Submit Documents

Provide the necessary documents which include the name and addresses of the members or the stakeholders of the company. Your registered agent will collect these documents and submit them to the authority.

  • Get EIN

IRS will provide an Employer Identification Number (EIN) once your agent applies. It is a 9 digit sequence that helps to identify your business for tax purposes. EIN is mandatory for opening a US bank account.

  • Take necessary permits and licenses

You’ll have to apply for the necessary permits and licenses which is required for running your business. These include both federal and state licenses and permits and it varies according to your business activity. You’ll also have to apply for state tax permits and the tax rate varies from state to state

Requirements after registering your company

  • Setting up a local address

A local Address needs to be set up to receive all the documents and mails that your business is going to receive. You can hire a mail forwarding service if you are not planning to start a physical office in the states right away.

  • Opening a US bank account

Opening a US bank account is important for your business transactions, setting up a US merchant account, and even for opening a physical office. It is suggested to hire an agent to open a bank account as it is a complicated process.

  • US contact number

Get a US phone number or a toll-free number and an official email ID for easy communication.

  • Official website and logo

Create a professional logo and website for your business this will create an identity and credibility for your business.

  • Filing annual reports of the company

As per the state laws. It is mandatory to file an annual report of the company. It includes the details of the stakeholders, addresses, and the name of the registered agent.

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